The Future of Multimedia Entertainment


People like to watch on demand, new media most commonly refers to content available on-demand through the internet. Eaglebox stream media player aggregates tons of channels and contents, it is a snap to immerse yourself to 4K movies, TV shows, live sports, music, and more on demand. This is demonstrated by our APP STORE which contains most popular apps that provide entrance to a new world.


Our Company

Being an innovative company we sell and designs creative multimedia boxes for home entertainment and multimedia accessories with 24/7 supportservices. We are a young team with passion and energy to deliver best of entertainment platforms. We continuouslyin pursuing high-tech products with infinite imagination about the future’s family life.In the short run,we are providing our customers with the superior home entertainment experience by combining hardware and software in our Eagle multimedia boxes. In the long run,we are devoted ourselves to provide smart-home entertainment products and services to bring you best digital age experience a new high-tech era. We believe that more users will enjoy the multimedia and technology solutions and more of our customers will achieve the great business success through seamless efforts of all our staffs.


We have embedded its self-developed Android-based software system into Eagle boxes, and by applying a completely new design frame, this software system is able to integrate various kinds of online information, allowing users to choose the shows they prefer.


Eagle will keep exploring customer needs in the context of developing optimized products accordingly, with the ultimate aim of providing a wide range of bigger screen experiences to all viewers through outstanding products and constant upgrading of high-tech home entertainment services.